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Kat Here,

Thank you for joining along.

Kativated is an artist with training from Central Michigan University. She is an oil painter who shares a passion for abstract and landscape work. Born and raised in a small suburb just north of Detroit Michigan, they come from a close-knit community with the ambition to see and create with the world. You can find Kat pursuing a network through Kativated Designs – A small shop with merchandise and original artwork.

Wanting to spread a message of equality, their fine art conceptually expresses unity and diversity alike. Feel connected to the beauty of landscapes created or be inspired through abstract interpretation of the world. Get inspired to move forward and stabilize your essence while enjoying a piece of art. As the canvas is an outlet to display levels of energy within personality, the artist believes Abstract work is a powerful format to express and engage intimate communication. Kativated will apply reactions, emotions, thoughts and internal experiences on canvas. In contrast to this, Landscape work carries deep into their roots of creation. Seeing the world by means of traveling and hiking are very important to their livelihood. Following the mantra, “You receive what you give” working on art is a form of peace offering and meditation. Original Kativated work will offer Earthly energy, fluid motion, balance, geometric form and a radiance of color.



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